Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Pitbull Primas

Kita here at the key board taking over awhile...

So mama never really talks about them, but I have primas (Spanish for cousins). Four to be exact. But we are going to focus on the special two today, my pit bull primas.

This is Pookie.

He is no longer with us, but he was for about 8 years. He was a Pit-Rott mix. A family member found him left on the streets alone when he was about two months old and brought him home. Mama remembers most about him when he was a puppy and had ginormous Rottweiler sized feet and was this little guy. He was very laid back like me and we got along very well. He taught me to lay on my back and sit in great-grandma's lap. He was very loveable and enjoyed sleeping with great-grandpa.

This is Precious.

She was also rescued by a family member, found walking down the street cold, hungry, lonely. She now lives with my great-grandparents and is fat and happy. She has a best friend, a little Chihuahua mix named Bella that she loves to romp around the house with and play games all day. She likes to snuggle on the couch and sneak in bed when my old peeps fall asleep. Sadly, due to previous abuse, she frequently pees in the house when scared or overly excited.

This are my pit bull primas...they don't seem to scary now do they?


  1. Thank you for sharing your two beautiful Pit Bull primas! Both of them have such a great happy ending! Thank you for joining in on the Pitty Post Day!

  2. Wonderful post. Thanks for being part of such a imprtant day day.